Wednesday, 9 May 2012

OH HELP!!!!!!

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on my FMP, the only problem is I finish one piece and realise its taken me 4 hours and it’s probably only about a 0.1% of my final piece.

So its been a long week and I have managed to start my range plan, I finished it then realised it is not what I wanted it to look like, I am finding it difficult to show all the prints I want to put onto my garments as the images are becoming pixelated = me not very happy at all.
I have had an idea of how to present my final range, but it’s not how it’s normally done and I am having doubts that it’s even a good idea at all.
Basically it’s a portrait document in a sort of A4 binder on one side is the silhouette and on the other side are fabric swatches so, it’s much more of a physical range. 

Things I hope to get completed by the 15th of May
  • Range boards now this is a must, if I do not get these completed by then I will be truly and royally screwed!!!!!!!!!
  • Trend report I have completed but need to do a few adjustments to my spelling and grammar (as usual)
  • Complete all intro, which includes:
  • Concept + Ideas (take inspiration from SOI)
  • Executive summary
  • Heritage and Values

I plan to get this completed, lets see if I can do this though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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